About Us


We invite parents and scouts alike to come to any of our meeting to see who and what we are.

Three Aims of the Troop:  
                           Fun!   Accomplishment!  Experience!

Location: Northminster Presbyterian Church, 104 Portage Trail Ext W, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223-1215

Meetings:  4pm on Sunday – We do not have meetings when we are camping, check the calendar for specific dates.  We do a good job keeping that up-to date.

What makes us Proud:  We have an outdoor activity once a month, most of the time we are camping, occasionally we “wimp” out and just go play somewhere.  We have a strong Eagle presence in the troop.  We have multiple Eagle Scouts who are active in leadership, planning, and enjoying troop activities.  Our Troop is 95% Boy-Led, and we are striving  to improve this to  100% .  The adults take pride in coaching our scouts to make decisions, lead by example and become the best leaders possible.  Adults view thier job as providing support to our scouts to become alert, engaged, and responsible young men.



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