Wrap up of Mon 06/18


Well, the rain turned out to be our enemy today. It reared it’s ugly head right as we were getting prepared to start retreat.

Jacob worked long and hard to get the boys prepared for the retreat. He took them after lunch to the parade field and lowered and raised the 34′ American Flag 3-4 times. They looked so professional doing it.

As part of the honor of getting to lower the flag at retreat, we also get to add a totem to a retreat banner that is passed from troop to troop each day over the next 7 weeks. Jacob gave up one of his styrofoam swords, had everyone sign it and hung it on the banner.

Then at 5:00, the sky darkened and threatened rain. With the Weather Channel’s 30% chance of rain, we hoped it would blow over. But then the winds picked up, the tent flaps slapped it’s sides, and the spider webs started to dance. With very little warning, the skies opened up and let loose on us.

We kept our heads held high and marched to the field to hold up the troop’s honor. But, beyond our control, lights and sounds rang out and retreat was cancelled. We then took shelter.

Tomorrow, we will pass on the tradition by delivering the retreat banner to the next troop, as for us today, we remain stoic and dignified in our silenced success.

But fear not, not all successes went unrecognized. Mr. Lewis entered a Dutch oven cooking contest and won a solid second place. Like the boys, Chuck took it well, he only knocked over two tables and threatened to take the troop to Seven Ranges for the Staff judges’ lack of culinary palettes and narrow mindedness.