Update: MANDATORY Summer Camp Meeting

Next meeting 06/12 – We will be finalizing our Summer Camp Planning. 
  • Please bring your 2011 completed health form – It MUST be signed by your doctor.  This form was emailed out a couple of weeks ago and now can be found on the scouttroop155.org website on the front page (on the right). 
  • Please come knowing which merit badges you are expecting to take to fill out blue cards, the schedule is also available on the website.
  • Please make sure the scout brings a notebook and pencil to take the info down.
  • Parents are welcome to stay for this meeting to hear what the scout needs. 
  • We will also have the sign up for the fundraiser at this meeting.  Don’t miss your opportunity to make some cash for your scout account.
Committee Meeting 06/14 – 7pm at Root Cafe (in the Northhampton Methodist Church).  All are welcome to come and join. 
Summer Solstice 06/17 – 06/19 – We will be having sign-up for the fundraiser at the this Sunday’s meeting.  Will need all hands on deck to help.
Saturday 06/18 – at 11am (before the fundraiser) we will be going to set up camp.  This opportunity allows us to drive back into camp to set it up.  We will meet at the little parking lot at the intersection right past the office at Camp Manatoc.  We are in the same location, Chestnut camp site.
Sunday, 06/19 – Meet at Camp Manatoc at noon.  Scouts should arrive wearing their Class A uniform.  It is needed for the Troop Photo which takes place during the check-in process.  The cost for the photo is $5.00.  We also hand in the health forms and take the swimming test.   The shorts that we purchased double as swimming trunks so the boys will only need to bring water and a towel with them during the check in process. 
Let Steve know if you have any questions.
Call him at 330 285-7990 or email at steve.reed@ameritech.net