We are approaching Summer Camp and there are some things that you need to have prepared:

Doctor Signed Medical Form – all parts A, B, and C need to be filled out and returned to Carolyn Muha by 06/10 (week before camp).  Click here to download.

Camper Release Form – this needs to be filled out to give authorization to any person who you give permission to sign your son out of camp.  If for some reason that you son needs to leave camp (ie. baseball, theatre practice) the person signing out your son has to be on this form.  Click here to download.

Merit Badge Registration
– At the last meeting, the scouts who attended filled out an on-line file declaring which merit badges they wanted to take. For those scouts who did not attend, please click here to fill out the form. This form is only available for 4 more days (Steve was using a trial version).  These boys need to fill it out: Dave Booth, Nathan Craig, Chase Edwards, Cameron King, Andrew Kovac, Ayden Lewis, Jacob Mauk, Steven Neveadomi, Justin Rickenbacher, Ben and Noah Samerdak, Logan Stockton, and Jonathan Touma.  For the rest of those who were at the last meeting, click here to see which merit badges those scouts are taking.

Pre-Requisites for Merit Badges – Not all merit badges can be accomplished at summer camp alone.  Some of these MB have requirements that have to be completed before they attend camp.  Click here to see the pre-requisites for each of the Merit Badges.

For those who want to read as much as you can about the week at camp, click here for the complete Program Guide and click here for the complete Leader Guide, click here for the packing list for camp.

There are only 2 more meetings before summer camp, this Sunday (6/3) and next Sunday (6/10).  Please make sure you make it to get all the info you need.  PLC will meet at 3:00 pm.  The general meeting will begin at 4:00 pm and these last two meetings will last until 5:30 pm to fit everything in.