Summer Camp Begins


Wow, did we luck out with the beautiful start to a fantastic Camp Week. Check-In wasn’t without some snags but due to all the prep these past two weeks, it was very slight compared to years past.

We got through the swim tests pretty quickly and were able to go to the Trading Post for a Slushie before dinner. At 5:45 we marched for retreat. Max surprised everyone with bringing a snare drum. Looking forward to the boys winning the retreat banner. We look good out there.


For dinner, we had fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Would it surprises anyone that I had the whole salad bowl to myself.

After dinner, the scouts scattered to the four winds, there is a slight attempt at a gateway going on (I’m not holding my breath on that one), a scratch basketball game against another troop, and general merriment from others for being away from their parents. Currently no signs of homesickness but I am looking for it soon, anyone taking bets. I feel like it would be the opening scene in Shawshank Redemption with the fresh fish, it’s always someone.

Tonight in the evening, there is a Camp fire program. I’m sure the older scouts will bemoan this event but we’ll go together as a troop. The scouts already seem tired, so I expect an early night for them.

Check back soon for more updates.