Summer Camp 2019

Looking at the impending weather forecast, Troop 155 knew what the weather was going to be like at Summer Camp this year, and some were filled with dread. When we got to Camp Manatoc, our campsite was filled full of mud, and as the week progressed, the campsite got even muddier. This year I have to admit though the weather was rough, we made the best of it and had a great time at summer camp.

Each Boy Scout had multiple merit badges to complete and I hope every Scout in Troop 155 earned them all. Some of them were tough like camping and first aid but Troop 155 got through the merit badges and had a good time. There were some cool merit badges like motorboating, kayaking, climbing, swimming, fishing, metal working, radio, and so many more. The week was full of slipping and sliding in mud. Due to a lot of rainfall we were soaked almost every day. The trading post kept us alive though. We stocked up on food and drinks to survive the onslaught of merit badge counselor’s presentations. We nearly won the critter contest by catching tons of frogs, toads, and snakes (we got shafted at the last minute 🙁 ). We also won the retreat banner on the last full day which made a great finale to the week. I think that overall we had a successful summer camp this year. Huge thanks to Kevin Devine, Keith Purchase, Ed Wagner, and Nick Gardner this year for taking the time to come out and help us out. (sorry if I missed anyone)

To come to a conclusion I think that Summer Camp was a great way to earn a lot of merit badges for attaining rank. I think Troop 155 will be wearing them on their sashes with pride.  Great memories, with a great troop.