Sign Up Form for 2016 Philmont Trip – Respond by Jan 1st, 2015

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June 29, 2016
Cimarron, New Mexico

Whenever someone who knows scouting hears that you’re a scout, they invariably ask two questions.  Did you make Eagle?  And did you go to Philmont?   Well here’s some great news!  Mr. Sterling has recently received confirmation from the Philmont Scout Ranch that our troop has been selected for a twelve day expedition slot in June/July of 2016.  That may sound like a long way off.  But there’s much planning to be done between now and then and there’s a deadline of this coming January 30th for our reservation fee, $100 per person.  That’s next month!  So scouts need to be thinking about it right now.

Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s largest national High Adventure Base. Its 34 staffed camps and 55 trail camps provide an unforgettable adventure in the high country along hundreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails.  More than 1 million Scouts, Venturers, and leaders have experienced the adventure of Philmont since the first camping season in 1939. Throughout its existence, conscientious attention to low-impact camping techniques has helped maintain the Ranch’s wilderness.  The area surrounding the Ranch is rich with history, from the Native Americans who made this arid land their home to the land barons of the 19th century. The town of Cimarron boasts a number of historical buildings, including the St. James Hotel: the site of at least 26 killings during Cimarron’s wilder days.

Who can go?

Scout must be at least 14 years of age at the time of the trip.   We are limited in the number that can attend to a maximum of eight scouts and four adults.  The total cost of the trip – Philmont reservation, air fair, equipment, etc. – will be somewhere in the $1500 to $2000 range depending on how much of the required equipment you already have.  Be aware that there will be LOTS of backpacking/hiking!  Philmont has health and medical requirements including height/weight restrictions which you’ll find here:

If you want to go, but are above the weight requirements for your height, DO NOT automatically eliminate yourself.  We’re scouts!  We can all help you get that job done so you’ll meet the requirements.

What do I need to know?

Everything you need to know about Philmont can be found on their website – .   Consider it essential reading to help you make the decision whether or not you want to go to Philmont.  It’s also essential to help you plan the trip, so get to know this website from the first page to the last!  You can also check out their Facebook page – – and their YouTube videos – .