Troop 155 Wins the Retreat Banner

It is a big honor to win the retreat banner at Summer Camp in Manatoc. Troop’s are picked on who marched the best and looked the sharpest. This year in 2019, Troop 155 was awarded the retreat banner after their…

Cycling Merit Badge

Troop 155 resting while doing a 10 mile ride. It was great weather.

Cycling Merit Badge

Start up safety meeting. Nice day to ride.

Cycling Merit Badge

Troop 155 started the Cycling Merit Badge with a 10 mile ride. 4 of us were representing trool 155 . With 4 troops doing the cycling merit badge we enjoyed the great weather and riding together.

Email if interested in helping The Troop Committee’s primary responsibility is supporting troop leaders in delivering quality program and handling troop administration. The troop committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts…

Campout at Atwater lodge

We had a great time at Camp Butler this past weekend even though it rained and was really muddy. We hiked and went to the museum where we learned all about the history of Camp Manatoc. We also worked on…

The white elephant

Gifts are piling up and who knows what’s in those gifts we will know shortly.

Campout for Hunger

We have been out at Northminster Church for two bone chilling days taking collections for Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors and the Woodbridge Food Pantry! We are excited to say that we collected about 2,000 pounds of food and personal items…

Campout for hunger

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