Moose Troop Update 3/13

Upcoming Events:
03/20 – No meeting.  This was the original date of the Court of Honor, but due to the start of Spring Break, it is postponed to 04/10.
03/27 – Next Meeting at 4pm (3pm for the Patrol Leaders Council)
03/03 – Meeting
04/10 – Court of Honor – 4pm at the Moose during the regular meeting time.
04/16 – Steak Dinner
04/17 – Meeting
04/24 – Meeting
04/29-05/01 – Camp Out at Manatoc with Cub Scouts – The scouts will be fully planning this meeting through the month of April.  Please start making plans for your scout to let Jimmy know if they are coming.

Notes from the 3/13 Meeting:
Please have your scouts read the scout handbook and read about the requirements they need for advancement, especially the scouts who are not STAR rank yet.  The scouts can advance at their own rate.  They just need to prove they know the skill and have a STAR rank or above scout sign off on it.  We cannot cover all requirements in the meeting, so please have your scout work on this with you or on their own and be prepared to show their knowledge at the meeting.  They will advance in rank as fast as they push themselves.

Colin and TJ started to teach compass and map reading.  This is a core skill for scouting.  They were teaching Second Class skill 1a:

  • Demonstrate how a compass works and how to orient a map. Explain what map symbols mean. 

 Your scout will need to demonstrate that they understood and can demonstrate this skill to be signed off on it.  Please have your scout read the handbook to read up on this and feel comfortable with the concept.  If they can show this skill at the next meeting, they will be signed off on the requirements.

On 03/27, TJ and Colin will be going over Tenderfoot 4a.  If your scout can read up on this in advance, and they can demonstrate this skill on that day, we can sign off on it.

That’s all for now.  Have a great Spring Break and we will see you on 03/27.  Jimmy and his leadership team have a great meeting planned.  Pray for good weather for the exciting intrapatrol activity they have planned.  It should be fun and challenging.