Meeting Updates

Notes from this past Sunday’s meeting:

  • For the boys going on the Winter Campout on 01/27, we will need to make a decision if we want to go to the District Klondike at Camp Manatoc or go to Camp Butler with Troop 160.  The District Klondike will be heavily planned with fast paced activities from morning to night or the Camp Butler will be at a slower pace that allows skills building and sled riding.  It will be up to the attending scouts to decide.
  • At our meeting, we also talked about how to dress and prepare to sleep in a tent in freezing temps.  I have posted on the website an article I found on the web that has a lot of good tips for staying dry and warm.  Please read this over if you want a refresher or missed the meeting. http:///

For the next meeting (Sunday at 4pm), there are three objectives we need to cover before the camp out:

1.    All scouts going on the camp out need to bring their backpack with their supplies packed. This is important to make sure everyone is prepared.  Even though home is not far away, we want to make sure the campout is enjoyable and this means staying dry and warm.

2.     We will be going over the meal planning.  Since we will be in cold temps, what we consume will be very important.

3.     The last thing I hope to accomplish is duty roster.  We will be assiging responsibilities for cooking, fire, and water for each meal.  This is a great opportunity to be prepared for what needs to be done before we actually have to do it.

Sunday at 5pm – for Senior Patrol and Patrol leaders:

I am asking that the Senior Patrol and Patrol leaders stay from 5 – 6pm so we can go over short term planning for the next couple of weeks.  I want to have a plan that keeps all scouts involved and actively working towards rank and advancement (as well as having a fun time doing so.)  If you are on the Senior Patrol (this is older scouts) or are a patrol leader please plan to stay after the meeting.