Long Hard Road Today

Woo, the boys were pushed hard today. 9.5 miles Hiked. We bushwhacked our own path up Big Round Top to give the boys the experience of how the soldiers did it. I will be shocked if no one gets poison ivy, calimine lotion is your friend.
Not surprisingly, pushing through the forest under growth showed up on both the Thorns and Roses list.

We did all this half way through the day but thankfully before the rain started to fall. We got hit at the top of Little Round Top, while we were under cover. We tried to stay dry but quickly realized it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. We ended up hiking 4 miles as the rain rotated through sprinkling and downpour.
Top Moments include:
Big black snake
Playing at Devils Den
Hardtack at Dinner
Andy’s Vespers Program
Frequent tick checks
Matt getting assaulted from beyond the grave. (More to come at Court of Honor)