Important Camp Notes

Health Forms – If your health form has not been completed, SIGNED BY YOUR DOCTOR, insurance card copied and EVERYTHING turned in to Carolyn Muha, you must have this completed BEFORE SATURDAY!!!
Camp Set-Up – You may come to the Chestnut area to set up your camp site on Saturday morning at 9:00 am.  This is only necessary if you plan to pitch your own tent.  If you are using one of the camp provided green tents, you may skip this set up.

Camp Check-In – Check in is at 12:00 noon on Sunday.  

  • Scouts should be wearing their Class A uniform with neckerchief (purchased shorts, scout shirt, neckerchief and BSA socks.  Centennial BSA® Uniform CoolMax™ Low-Cut socks can be purchased at Kamper City.
  • Camp pictures will we taken at this time.  If you have not turned in your $5 for a photo, you may do so at check in.  
  • Scouts will also take their swim test upon check in, so they should be prepared with proper attire.  The shorts purchased for camp double as swim trunks.  
  • Scouts will be given their t-shirts at check in.  T-shirts and shorts are the Class B uniform. 
  • A towel and water bottle are needed for check-in procedures.

 Family Dinner – Wednesday evening is the Family Dinner.  Plan on arriving at camp at 4:00 pm.  Make sure to park completely off the road.  The parking lot is located just past the Administration Building.  Drop off a side dish to share at out camp site and then head to the Parade Field to watch the boys march.  We will then go back to camp for our meal.  You will receive a specific email about the family dinner following the Sarah’s Vineyard Fundraiser.

2011 Theme – “The Pirates of Litchfield” ARRGGGHHHHH….. Do you have what it takes to find the buried treasures left behind by the pirates of Lake Litchfield? Every day you and your patrol will have the opportunity to locate the treasure and win some pretty awesome prizes. Clues will be given at meals and on a dry erase board outside of the Administration Building. Treasure will not be available until after lunch (so still go to your merit badges). Arrrgghhh.Because of this theme, pirate attire will be allowed at various times throughout the week.  If you already have some “Pirate Wear” bring it along.

What to Pack? – Check the packing list at for items to bring to camp.

Merit Badges – If you have not filled out blue cards for merit badges that you plan to work on during camp, that will need to be completed on Sunday.  You can find the program schedule at      Remember that most of the badges have requirements that must be completed prior to coming to camp, so make sure you have familiarized yourself with the requirements for each badge. 

Pick up after camp – Pick-up time will be Saturday at 8:00 am.

If you still have questions, please contact Steve at 330 285-7990.