Geocaching Merit Badge

Mr. Walters will begin teaching the Geocaching merit badge on Sunday, July 14th at 2:00 until the meeting starts at 4:00. We will meet in the outdoor pavilion at the church. All are welcome to attend, both scouts and adults!
The plan is to take two meetings to finish the merit badge, with a cache or two being picked up in Gettysburg as the final requirement. If you are not going to Gettysburg, you are still encouraged to come as there will be plenty of other opportunities to get a cache elsewhere.
There is nothing required to bring for the first meeting, but the worksheet from would be helpful. The first meeting will focus on the basics of Geocaching while the second meeting will focus on map and compass work (if you earned the Search and Rescue merit badge, it will be very familiar!) and finding an actual cache will happen along the way.
Please call Mr. Walters or send him an email if there are any questions.
This is a fun and easy merit badge to earn! Even Mr. Reed is a geocacher!
See you there at 2:00!!