Day Three of Allegheny Canoe Trip

We had another beautiful day on the river. We even got to spend some time in a small town in Tionesta, PA. I can’t believe it is almost over, the time went so quickly.

Let me list some of the cool things we did today:
• a canoe almost capsized on a rock
• we participated in a drum circle
• we caught minnows and almost a walleye
• ate like kings
• spent a day in a touristy town with no public restrooms
• sang at the top of our lungs at vacationers on 4-wheelers

This was only one day. It was such an adventure, I’m only sorry we didn’t have more scouts join us.

We’re going to try to wake up early and canoe as quickly as we can to avoid the rain. Wish us luck.

I have kept my phone off most of the time to save the battery so most photos are on someone else’s camera. We’ll post more soon or at Court of Honor.