Day 2 Update


Today was a fantastic day for the scouts. The Troop won the retreat banner. This is given to the troop who marches the best. The troop’s are judged on straightest lines, being in step, dressed appropriately. The reward for winning is saying Grace at each meal, raising and lowering the flags and being able to add a totem to the Retreat Banner that is given to a different troop each day of the 6 weeks of summer camp. This year, the scouts took a pair of drum sticks, signed them and added to the banner.

On Tuesday, there was a lot going on. The troop participated, most willingly, others bribed or tricked into playing. I’m not sure why patrol games make the scouts anxious, maybe we just “don’t play well with others.” There was scuba that Kyle and Malcolm took advantage. There was also a mile swim that Walter successfully completed. There was a movie National Treasure shown to match the theme of the camp this year.

Last night was a long night with the weather. After the scouters completing the Brave, Chief, Spirit program came back from the night hike, we saw the lightening rolling in. It started to pour about midnight along with very threatening thunder. Spoiler Alert for Day 3: Stop reading now if you don’t want to be surprised. We all made it through the night.