Update 08/08

8/13-8/14 T-2-1 Camp Out: Meet at 8am at the Moose Club on Saturday. This camp out if specifically for boys who have not earned 1st Class yet.  This will solely focus on getting the younger scouts rank advancement.  Older scouts are…

Recent Files Uploaded

The Summer Camp instructional schedule and the health form have been uploaded and can be found on the right sidebar.

Bring eating utensils, etc

Please bring a reusable bowl, cup, fork and spoon to camp this weekend.  There will NOT be any paper products at camp.

Moose Troop Update 4/21

News: Thanks to everyone for helping out at the Steak Dinner last Saturday.  Thanks especially go to the adult volunteers who helped out.  The boys and scout leaders would not be able to do their jobs without the Troop Committee members and…

Troop Advancements

We are updating our troop database.  We are missing some attendance records for the October camp-out at Silver Springs and the November camp-out at Camp Butler.  If your scout attended one of those, please email Bridget Jankowski at bridgetjankowski@sbcglobal.net so the…