Candy Bar Fundraiser

Our Harry London candy bar fundraiser will begin Sunday, March 2. Mrs. Walters will be available beginning at 3:30 for picking up candy bars at Northminster Church. Scouts may sign out ONE box to begin but please come prepared to say how many you expect to sell so we can plan.

Mrs. Walters asks that everybody review the following paragraph prior to signing out candy:

“I understand that I am responsible for any candy bars I sign out to sell. I will return $48 for each box of candy bars to the Troop and my scout account will be credited $24. In addition, I acknowledge that if I fail to return the money, my scout account will be CHARGED $24 for each box of candy bars I have signed out. I further understand that candy bars must be handled in such a way as to maintain their quality and any candy damaged in my possession is my responsibility. “