Camp Tuscazoar


Even though we were threatened with a major snow storm during transit, the snow didn’t start flying until after we arrived. The Camp Ranger was worried that with the storm we wouldn’t be able to get to our cabin, so he upgraded us to a “luxury” cabin with running water, electric furnace, and indoor plumbing.

When we awoke Saturday morning, 6-8 inches of snow have fallen over night. It was really picturesque, in hindsight I wish I would have taken a photo. After breakfast, we hiked to the wrong hill to not participate in a camp tradition, ate lunch, and then arrived late to the Dennison Train Depot. We had a fantastic tour of a really interesting historic landmark that was integral in transportation in WWII where 1.2 MM soldiers stopped at this depot to eat before moving on to the coast.

After getting back to camp, the scouts mobilized to get dinner ready, set up the campfire, and teach 20 cub scouts skits for the program. Chase was the MC of the program and did a fantastic job. The leaders of Pack 3170 said that it was the best campfire program they have seen. We all had a great time and I am looking forward to the next campout.