Backpacking Easter Weekend

**What it is**

Thursday, April 2nd – Monday, April 6th

This backpacking trip is for the serious backpacker only! It will be more days (5) and more nights (4) and more miles (around 40) than many previous trips we have done. It is STRONGLY advised that only Scouts with previous backpacking experience participate in this trip. We will have other trips this year for those who are interested, but not yet experienced, in backpacking. You have been warned!


We will be meeting at Northampton Church Thursday after school/work to drive to “our little slice of wilderness”. We will return Monday afternoon. Times will be firmed up as we get closer to the date.


We are headed to either the Allegheny National Forest or Laurel Ridge State Park. Either of these is about 3 hours away. Which one is chosen will depend on how quickly responses come in so reservations can be made.


Food will be handled differently on this trip than on previous trips. In order to fulfill one of the merit badge requirements, Scouts will be doing meals in ones and twos. Each and every meal will be planned, purchased, cooked, consumed and cleaned up by that Scout or pair of Scouts.

We will be stopping for fast food Thursday night on the way in, but you will need to provide for all meals on Friday, Saturday, Sunday plus breakfast on Monday. We will stop again for fast food for lunch on the way home. So, bring food for all these meals, plus enough money for meals on the road.


A water filter will NOT be needed. You DO need to bring one or two water bottles along with you.


Wear one set of layered hiking clothes, including some sort of rain layer. Bring one set of clothes to sleep in, plus enough non-cotton socks to impress Mr. Cook!

**Other Stuff**

If you want to discuss other stuff or feel you don’t have the right backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent (or hammock), stove, cooking gear, spork, recipes, flashlight or euchre skills, contact Mr. Cook and it WILL get solved.

*Questions? Comments?**

Contact Mr. Cook at

Click on the link below to sign up if this is for you! Now would be a good time to do it!