06/21 Wrap Up

Lots happening tonight:

• Scouts are trying to get merit badges finished. They are going to Open Climb to finish Climbing Merit Badge, Open Swim to improve swimming skills, open shooting to finish Rifle Shooting and Archery Merit Badge.

• For Wilderness Survival, Steven N. built a shelter and is sleeping in the woods. As I type this at 11:02 pm, I’m sure his thoughts are hoping it doesn’t rain tonight.

• Walter is back from OA Callouts. He’s happy and tired all in one. He had a long day of service to the camp.

• Steven and Jacob participated in two programs at camp. The first is Manatoc Environmentalist. This consisted of participating in a night hike and a morning hike, as well as plant and animal identification.

• The second program the did was Brave, Chief, and Spirit. The requirements for this include looking for 20 cairns (plaques on trees), more plant and animal identification, and sleeping under the stars. Since Steven was already doing that with Wild. Surv. Merit badge, Jacob was left to sleep alone. They allowed him sleep with Steven in his shelter, so now we have two boys praying for clear skies all night.

• It was a really long night for the first year’s. They had to report to T21 at 9pm for night games. As I type this, now at 11:10, we are still here. The kids will be butt-dragging tomorrow.