06/20 Wrap Up – Family Night


How awesome was the boys marching tonight? They really take pride in their troop and it shows in their actions.

Here are some highlights:
• Robert kissed the moose for his birthday.


Michael McMathers, Tate Elderly, and Walter Steerling, for the Order of the Arrow participated in Call outs.

• The boys love to play a game called Nuke ’em. You throw a ball over a net and catch it. Then you throw it back. Not the most intellectually challenging game, I know, but they are actually attracting scouts from three different campsites to come over and play. It’s like the one house in the neighborhood that all the kids play at. We are the “cool” site.


I have several thank you’s to give out:
• Thanks at Lora Michelli for getting the pizzas.
• Thanks to Dave Samerdak for bringing out the tables from the Moose.
• Thanks to the Carolyn Muha for bringing out the juice.
• Thanks to all the parents for bringing out the delicious food.
• Thanks to Jacob, Andrew, Logan, Chase, and Max for putting on the skit at the Campfire program in front of the whole camp. It was really well done.
• And a special thanks to Jason for teaching me humility. He taught me that when I am giving a speech to the whole Troop Family that it isn’t just about me, it’s also about him and that he always needs to be included in speech giving.