Campout to Fight Hunger
Eagle Project - Repairing the Church fence

During the winter a car collided with the gate behind the church and caused significant damage. Ethan Wagner took up the project to repair and replace the damage done.

Eagle Project - Enhancing the Front Sign at the Church

The front signage at the Northminster Church was in need of some enhancement and Michael Purchase took up the charge as his Eagle Project.

Camp Stambaugh 100th Anniversary Celebration

The Troop camped at the Canfield Fairgrounds and hiked to Camp Stambaugh on Saturday for many fun events.

Delaware State Park & Olentangy Indian Caverns

In August, Troop 155 visited Delaware State Park just north of Columbus. After spending a great time at the park, the troop went to the nearby caverns for a tour.

Eagle Project - Gaga Ball at Chapel Hill Christian

Tommy Kever’s family are all alumni from the Chapel Hill Christian School and he wanted to give back. They were in need of outdoor play spaces and the popular game is Gaga Ball. So, as his Eagle Project, Tommy found…

Eagle Project - New Bench behind the Church

The Northminster church has had a bench seat behind the church for a while, but it had seen better days. Michael Kupper asked if he could replace the bench with a more modern and durable solution for his Eagle Project.

Fishing Campout

The scouts enjoyed a quick campout at Mr. Devine’s lake in July.

Looking at the impending weather forecast, Troop 155 knew what the weather was going to be like at Summer Camp this year, and some were filled with dread. When we got to Camp Manatoc, our campsite was filled full of…