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  1. Can parents and family members tent camp with the scouts on site?  Yes

I know you are wondering… wait, I already did this.  The previous signup was an interest survey so we could nail down some logistics.  Now, we have the price set, we need to have a count of those eating with the Troop and those not eating with the Troop and start collecting this fee.  The Troop Committee has decided to make this a family campout which means that all scouts need to be accompanied by a parent or appointed guardian.  Any questions, reply to this email or email

Costs per person:
If eating with the troop: $60
If not eating with the troop: $25

Unfortunately, I am not able to prorate this if you are not coming for the whole trip.  If your child has food allergies, we will try to accomodate.

Gettysburg Trip – July 12-15, 2018


Thursday July 12.
Departure will be 7:30 AM from the Northminster Church.

Families will be expected to provide their own lunch and beverage.  We will eat lunch at the State Park just outside of the Breezewood exit from the Pa. Turnpike.

Expected arrival at Gettysburg is 1:30 PM.  We will travel to McMillan Woods campground, but we will not set up.  We will only drop gear etc.

We will travel to the diorama setup in town, cost is $4.00 per person.  After viewing the diorama families are encouraged to visit the new Visitor’s Center off of the Baltimore Pike.  Going to the Visitor’s Center is required for the special patch.  Those family members staying at the hotels will check into their hotels.  The campers will proceed to McMillan Woods and set up the camp.

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, beverage

After dinner (6:00pm) we will tour by car, van, etc., the sites of the first day’s battle – McPhearson’s ridge and Oak Hill and the Peace Memorial.  If there is still light, we will visit Barlow’s Knoll.

Friday July 13.

Hotel participants are on their own
Campers – French Toast, Sausage, Fruit, beverage

Approximately 8:00 AM:

We will begin by hiking to the site of the start of the 2nd day’s battle starting from the McMillian Woods camp road.  We will need to carpool to the start of the hike.  Drivers will need to go back to Artillery Ridge or to the old visitor’s center parking lot to park the bulk of the cars.  The “chase cars” will bring the drivers back.  Everyone is advised to bring comfortable shoes, heavy socks (for padding and allowing your feet to breathe), beverage (water etc.), and snacks.  If the weather is not cooperating, the Scouts will still make the hike so “Be Prepared”.  We will take a leisurely pace until noon.  The “chase” vehicles will carry water and lunches for everyone.  We will eat lunch at “Devil’s Den”.

Cold cut sandwiches, potato chips, apple sauce, beverage

Approximately 1:30 PM:

We will continue our hike up Big Roundtop and then Little Roundtop.  We will spend some time at the site of the 20th Maine and then up to the top of the hill.  From there we will hike to the famous “Copse of Trees”.  We will conclude the hike there.

The hotel staying participants join us for dinner (5:00pm) at the campground.
Spaghetti w/ Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread, beverage

Saturday July 14.

Again, hotel participants are on their own.
Campers – Camp breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese on a bun), fresh fruit, beverage

Approximately 9:00 AM:

We will need to carpool to the start of the hike.  Drivers will need to go back to the old visitor’s center parking lot or to Artillery Ridge to park the bulk of the cars.  The “chase cars” will bring the drivers back.
We will begin our hike from the point of the start of Pickett’s charge.  We will then hike the path of Pickett’s men to the Copse of Trees.  The “chase” car(s) will meet us at the Copse of Trees. Hopefully, they can park at the Visitor’s center.

Families are on their own – there are several “fast” food restaurants close by.

Approximately 1:30:

We will visit the National Cemetery.  Meet at the “old” visitor’s center spot across from the cemetery.  From there we will hike to Culp’s Hill and Spangler’s Spring.  After Spangler’s Spring, we will hike back to the National Cemetery.  We will conclude our hike at the top of Cemetery Hill.

Shopping in the town can be next – there are some great ice cream shops in town.  You might also want to visit the Farnsworth Inn and count the bullet holes in the side of the building.  The Inn is said to be haunted – and after staying there once – I believe it!!!

Chicken Fajitas, chips and salsa, beverage

After dinner is open.

Sunday July 15.

Hotel participants again on their own.
Campers – Bagels with Cream Cheese, Donuts.

We will break camp following breakfast.

Approximately 10 AM:

Tickets will have been purchased to tour the Eisenhower Farm.  Cost is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for ages 6-12 for advanced sale tickets.  We cannot drive to the farm.  We will drive to the Visitor’s center and board a bus.  The tour is approximately two hours.  Once the tour concludes, we will be bused back to the center.  Families are free at that point to return home at their own pace.  Lunch and dinner will be at the discretion of each vehicle.