Patrol Assignment: Treasure Hunt

Patrol Treasure Hunt to be completed by April 15th. 10 Points will be awarded for successful completion of each task unless noted. Mr. Wagner, Mr. Purchase, Mr. Parianos, Mr. Mike and Mr. Lewis are the only adults that can sign off.

  1. Create and demonstrate Patrol Hand Shake every Patrol member must know it.
  2. Turn in a complete Patrol Roster, typed with Scouts name, birthday and contact info. Each Patrol member should also have a copy of the Roster.
  3. Turn in a bag with 50 small square Knots.
  4. Patrol Pizza party, game night, 20 points for each Patrol member in attendance. Picture proof is needed for this text 330-603-0225 or email (This needs to take place outside of our regular meeting and cannot be done at the church or a troop outing) (can be combined with number 5)
  5. Patrol Flag design and create Patrol Flag. This is worth 50 points.
  6. Picture of Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters wearing a 155 t-shirt this picture is worth 100 points and 25 points for each Patrol member in the picture wearing a 155 t-shirt. This is a big one. Picture Proof is needed text to 330-603-0225 or email to
  7. Every member of the Patrol needs to say the Outdoor code to an adult listed above. This must be done by everyone in your Patrol to the same adult but at different times.
  8. A signed letter for each Patrol member’s parent turned into an adult listed above, promising to vote for Mr. Lewis’ Chili at The Troops Chili Cook-off Oct 14th 2018. 10 points for each letter.
  9. The Patrol that brings the most cans of food to the April 15th meeting will get 50 points.
  10. The Mystery find each week your Patrol should go up to one of the adults list above, they will tell you if you have earned this 50 point for the Mystery item. They will not tell you want they are looking for they will only say yes or no. if it is a yes they need to sign this paper. (Must have at least 50 percent of Patrol at meeting to qualify for points.