Moose Troop Update 3/2

Ski Trip News

Do not allow your scout to pack any snacks that contain nuts.  As we have indicated in the past, we have a scout with a very severe Nut Allergy.

Please be at the Moose Lodge at 6pm on Friday.  The trailer will be available to be filled starting at 5:30 pm on Friday if you want to come a little earlier to load your gear.  We will NOT be cooking a meal when we arrive, so please feed your scout dinner before leaving or pack him a dinner.  We will have snacks Friday night, but not a full meal.

When you arrive on Friday, please turn in a copy of the attached medical form. 

Annual Medical Form

The form from last year has been updated and you can type directly on the form itself before you print a copy. Our previous forms are expiring and we need to have them updated.  Please make sure to photocopy your medical card so we can have them on record as well. You do NOT need to have a doctor’s exam for this form at this time.  We only need the doctor’s exam when we are going camping for greater than 72 hrs (i.e. Summer Camp)

Some scouts are not skiing both days.  I will be bringing home 3 scouts Sunday morning.  We will get back sometime around noon. The rest of the scouts will be skiing Sunday at Peak and Peek.  These scouts will have to call you and let you know the ETA of arrival back to the Moose Club for Sunday night.

HELMETS – You need a helmet to ski in NY.  If you do not have one, or you cannot borrow one from a buddy, it costs $9 at Holiday Valley. I expect the price should be similar at Peak and Peek.  If you have multiple helmets, would you please bring one with you to share?

Sleeping gear – We are in a fully furnished cabin with bunk beds.  The boys just need a sleeping bag and pillow.

Clothes – Make sure to consider that the clothes could get wet if it gets above freezing so bring a couple changes of clothing.
Utensils – We will have paper products for plates and spoons.  WE WILL NOT have cups.  Have your scout bring water bottle and/or re-usable cup.
Money – We will be at a ski lodge with a cafe.  Most scouts will want to buy something there.  Even though we will have food available for lunch, you may want to consider having them take some spending money.

 Court of Honor News

We had originally planned to have the COH for 03/20.  However, this is a weekend of Spring Break.  We will have to reschedule the COH for early April.

 Meeting News

Due to the ski trip this weekend, the next BS meeting will be on 03/13.  The PLC has already planned out the meeting and it should be pretty good.  For those scouts who have had a Scoutmaster Conference over the past 2 weeks, we will be having the Board of Review on this day.  Please make sure these scouts attend so that they can advance in rank.