Moose Troop Update – 2/12

Meeting tomorrow (2/13) at 4pm at Moose Club.  We will be holding elections for Senior Patrol leader and other leadership positions.  Please remember to come in your uniform.  We also will be focusing on advancement needs and the ski trip. 

Upcoming Events:
Feb 23 – Wednesday – I need 6 scouts to help with the crossover ceremony on this night at the High School.  Please ask your scout if he wants to come and let me know.

Feb 19,20,21,26,27 – Scout Ski Days at Brandywine or Boston Mills.  This is open to the whole scouting family including parents and siblings.  The event includes ski rental, lift ticket, and lessons.  The cost is $40/person for Skiing or $42/person for snow boarding or $20/person for snow tubing.  This event is open any of the days you can go but you will need a “Scout-Tag” to get this discount when you go.  The “Scout-Tag” has to be purchased downtown at the Scout Shop for $2/person in advance.  If you are interested in going, please let me know so we can get these id tags for your whole group.

Holiday Valley Trip – We need to know who is going and who is planning on driving.  If you are driving, we need to know your driver’s license, make/model of vehicle and # of seat belts.  Please come to tomorrow’s meeting and sign up.  The cost for the trip will be $20 for meals/lodging for scouts and $50 for non-scouts.  For the lift tickets, $50 for skiing at Holiday Valley on Saturday and $45 for skiing at Peek and Peak on Sunday.  If you are only going to ski on Saturday, you only pay a total of $70.  The ski rental is being taken care of by Jim Conroy and Boston Mills resort, so there will not be a charge for the equipment rental.  Mr. Conroy needs to get a list of who needs equipment and what size skis to get.

PARENT’S NOTE:  At the winter camp out, we had a couple of issues where scouts called their parents and asked them to come pick them up and take them home.  I understand that these boys were cold, wet, and didn’t have more dry clothes but the problem is that they didn’t advise me they were going to leave camp.  For your child’s safety, please do not agree to pick up your child unless you have spoken to me directly.  I don’t want to prevent anyone from leaving if they want to, but it is my responsibility to know where your child is at all times.  If your son calls you, please have them pass the phone to me to make sure I am part of this decision.  Thank you.