Camp this Weekend

These are the boys who said they were coming to camp this weekend.  Anyone who hasn’t camped in a while is invited to camp.  Please let Steve (  know if you can come out.  Steve also needs another adult to camp on Friday night. If you can come out and your name isn’t below, please let Steve know.

Camping Friday and Saturday night (This list may be incomplete, it is from a month ago):
Michael McPherson
Walter Sterling
TJ Alexander
Nathan Craig
Ben Samerdak
Max Cook
David Booth
Tommy Muha
Max Lyman
Tate Eberle

Helping with the Cub events on Saturday 8am to 9pm
Logan Stockton
Jimmy Conroy
Zach Conroy
Chase Edwards
Andrew Kovak
Brian Cooper
Eric Bissonnette
Jeff Laux

More Camp Information:  We will be joining the Cub Scouts at Camp Manatoc on Friday night at 7pm back at the Gillwell Lodge.  We will be sleeping in Troop Tents.  For the newer scouts, you will need to make sure you are prepared for any weather.  If you don’t have these supplies already, let Steve know.  The Troop has extras:

  • Winter Rated Sleeping Bag – should be down to 0 degrees. (We have extras at the Moose Lodge if you need to borrow one.)
  • Sleeping Pad to separate your sleeping bag from the tent floor. (Again, we have wool pads at the Moose.)
  • Waterproof insulated boots – It is April, it will be raining and quite possibly snowing. Please not rubber boots.
  • Poncho or rain jacket
  • Synthetic socks, not Cotton – most socks nowadays are mostly synthetic. Please bring several pairs so they can be changed regularly and you will have dry socks.
  • Warm clothes that can be worn in layers.
  • You do NOT need any snacks.  But if you bring any snack, be sure there are no peanuts or tree nuts.
  • Flashlight

No phones, MP3 players or electronics.  It causes more issues than necessary.  Steve will have his cell phone with him at all times, please call him at 330 285-7990 if you need to call your son.

We need as many scouts to come as possible.  Jimmy has several activities planned for the Cub Scouts from morning til night that have to be supported by all the Boy Scouts.  If your scout can only participate on Saturday rather than camping overnight, Jimmy still needs them to come. 

Advancement Opportunities: We will be concentrating on working on advancement for the scouts working on rank up to 1st Class.  When the scouts are not helping the Cub Scouts, they will be helping each other with advancement at camp.