Blogging from WPAFB

No photos tonight. We all finally arrived at the rendezvous (McDonalds), outside of the camp. We then caravaned into the base, and then as soon as we all got on base, we promptly got lost.

After finally meeting up at the scout camp, it was almost 5 miles from the gate we entered. The only spot available was all the way in the far back of the area. There are massive amounts of scouts here this weekend. By the time that we were able to find a spot it was after 11 PM. We finally got all of the tents up and everyone bedded down and about 12:30.

In the morning, we will set up the rest of camp. I’m looking forward to breakfast, it will be the first time some of these scouts of cook their own breakfast.

I’ll try to take some pictures and post them in the morning. . Stop back soon for more updates of live blogging from Scout Camp.