2nd Day of Canoeing Pt 2

We had a busy afternoon. After 3 meetings to practice and even having a real engineer helping out today, the scouts still could not launch a proper water balloon. The end may not have been as satisfying as the journey with this gadget.


The Cub Scouts really got to look up to the Boy Scout, especially when it came to cooking. The cooking crew for Breakfast and dinner did a great job. The pancakes this morning were the best ever followed by super awesome cheeseburgers in the evening.
The scouts finished one of the last requirements for Tenderfoot today. They had to teach someone the square knot using the EDGE method (Educate-Demonstrate-Guide-Engage).
Below, Evan is teaching Cameron’s sister, Jordan, how to do the knot.

The evening was topped off when we had our campfire program by Logan. Igor was hysterical, especially when Max gave away the punch line in his opening monologue. He covered by rewinding and reintroduced himself “as the guy who I previously explained”. We were laughing so hard. Plenty of skits and songs and an encore performance of Pizza Man. The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.