06/19 Summer Camp Update

High Points:
• Mile Swim – Tommy and Max L. completed the 26 laps of the pool. Nathan tried to come back for a repeat of last year’s performance but was pulled from the event due to a cramp.

• 12 boys hiked 5 miles today on the yellow trail. Here is a group shot (minus Samme).


• The boys finally got to march today. They looked and sounded great with the drums.

Low Points:
• Homesickness is starting in. All is well and the scouts are settled in but I expect many boys will be asking Mom and Dad to take them home with them tomorrow.

• I got to use my tick removal training. Panic and shock set in early with one boy. The extraction went well, no parts got left behind. I’m not sure but I think the ticks name was “get it off of me” because the scout kept repeating it over and over again.

• And last, you know what they say about Karma. Logan came back with a vengeance in the Euchre Tourney. With a 6 point lead, he and his partner, Jacob W. took Mr. Rickenbacker and Mr. Rees for all they got. Logan exemplified scout traits by not rubbing it in too bad.